Middle Age Torture Tactics

The Boot Torture

This type of torture, which inflicted great pain on the victim's feet, was often used, as the victim rarely, if ever, died from it. It consisted of high boots, made of spongy leather, that were placed on the victim's feet. The victim was tied near a fire by the boots. Next, boiling water was poured on the boots, which seeped through the leather boots and dissolved the flesh and bone of the victim's feet. In some cases, the torture administrators add wood inside the boot and pour oil in as well. This action expands the wood and cuts off circulation to the foot.

Since the magnitude of the torture depended on the magnitude of the crime the felon committed, a serious criminal would sometimes receive a foot press torture as well. This consisted of horizontal iron plates that, by use of a crank, would tighten around the foot to cut the flesh and break the bones of the foot. Sometimes, sharp spikes were added to the press, and a drill would cause a hole in the center of the felon's instep. This very painful torture method was popular because it forced criminals to answer questions or endure horrific pain, without causing death.