Middle Age Torture Tactics

Water Torture

One kind of Medieval torture is commonly referred to as the water torture.  It involves the victim being tied horizontally to a board. By use of a funnel-like horn, nine pints (then referred to as four coquemars) of water is poured down the victims throat, whilst their nose is pinched shut, so that they are forced to engulf the water.

(Above): The water torture method is administered to an unfortunate victim.
For felons accused of a greater crime,  eighteen pints (or eight coquemars) of water are forced into the offender's gullet. This method was most commonly used in Paris and was popular because of the fact that it was simple to inflict upon the felon, and was not fatal in most situations. Subsequent to the torture itself, the sufferer would be untied  and 'warmed' in the kitchen, according to written accounts.